dear potential member

Thanks for your interest in Louisiana One Call. It's easy to join, and the modest cost is one of the best investments you can make.  It helps reduce your maintenance costs and contributes to public safety. That's why our program is mandated by law in Louisiana.

We offer two classes of regular memberships for those who own or operate underground facilities, one for corporate members and the other for political entities such as municipalities and police juries. Both classes of regular memberships receive notifications of planned excavations.

In addition, we offer sustaining memberships to contractors and others without underground facilities who share our interest in safety and damage prevention.

Corporate members and political entities pay annual dues of $100 plus $1.50 per call for the first 20 notifications each month. The current cost of each additional notification is $.90 for corporate members and $.72 for political entities. Notifications are sent to members via e-mail, printer or fax machine. Email is the preferred method.

Per the Corporation Bylaws...
Article IV  Members
Section 7. Receipt of Notifications

High Volume Members

Members who consistently receive over 100 notifications each month for a given terminal code must provide a computer, or an automated printer with an associated dedicated telephone line for use in conjunction with LOC.

Members who receive less than 100 notifications each month for a given terminal code must provide a computer, an automated printer, or a facsimile machine, with an associated dedicated telephone line for use in conjunction with LOC.  If a member chooses to use a facsimile machine, it must be used for data transmission only -NO VOICE-

Members who receive 100 or more notifications by facsimile machine each month for a given terminal code will be charged an additional fee, determined by the Board of Directors, beginning with their first monthly notification.

Applications for either class of regular membership require mapping information so that we can add your facility locations to our computer database. When you return your application, just check off your facility areas on the enclosed map list. We'll send the maps you need by return mail.

When the maps arrive, use the red pen we provide to mark your facility areas by drawing polygons on each map.  These polygons are customized for your area, so they can be any shape from simple triangles to many-sided figures.

When we receive your polygons, they'll be added to our computer database. We'll then print and return them for your verification and signature.

Once you are a member, we will begin notifying you of planned excavations or demolitions in the areas you have marked on the maps. The process is fast and efficient. Best of all, it will help prevent injuries and damages to your lines from excavating or demolishing accidents.

If you have any questions, please call Toni Mancuso at 225-275-3700 ext. 429. If not, why not complete your application today?

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.


David Frey
Executive Director