About our Advertising

See and hear our 2016 Public Service Announcements


Louisiana One Call's 2016 broadcast advertising reached all seven Louisiana media markets and included more than 6,084 radio commercials and over 1,601 television commercials. A number of stations also broadcast LA One Call public service announcements (PSAs) – and although these free PSAs are not audited and therefore can’t be tracked, we expect them to add significantly to the following projections of audience coverage.

We rely on Nielsen and Nielsen Audio media audience data to identify stations that reach large numbers of people matching our target audience. The same survey information helps us identify the best times to broadcast our messages, and the most popular programming to sponsor.

This year’s campaign was designed to reach commercial excavators and their equipment operators working for contractors, landscapers, fence and pool installers, loggers, tree-removal services and similar occupations. TV and radio spots emphasize the importance of careful digging near the marks, especially when operating backhoes and similar excavating equipment. As was the case last year, our goal is to reach males between 25 and 54 of age because we believe this audience survey category contains the highest percentage of our target excavators and heavy equipment operators.  This year, :15 spots were created for TV and radio allowing us to stretch the budget and also increase impact by bookending TV spots within the same break and more than doubling our broadcast impressions.

This year’s radio began on April 11 and concluded June 12. A total of 6 weeks of radio aired on stations in every market throughout this period.  Television aired April 18 through May 22.  Weeks of radio and TV were scheduled to minimize overlap and communicate the message consistently throughout the campaign.

Based on Nielsen Audio diary information, we project that LA One Call radio commercials will reach between 65% and 79% (depending on media market) of Louisiana males from age 25 to age 54, and will do so between 13 times and 16 times each during the campaign. Nielsen data indicate that LA One Call television commercials will reach between 84% and 92% of Louisiana males in the same age range between 6 and 7 times each, again depending on media market.

In total, we estimate that our radio and TV campaigns will deliver over 5.4 million impressions this year. Actual campaign impressions are likely to be higher than this estimate because broadcasts of free public service announcements are done at the option of individual stations and are not included in these projections.


The addition of outdoor was a key component to our media plan.  A statewide digital outdoor was launched to support Dig Safely Month.  18 Digital billboards across the state featured new creative in support of Dig Safely Month.  The boards ran for 28 days on a variety of high traffic locations.  Some locations rotated which allowed us to catch a variety of traffic patters.  Total impressions for this campaign exceeded 5.5 million.

A second statewide campaign was launched in June and utilized high-traffic interstate billboard locations.  Eight static billboards featured the new attention grabbing “Call Before You Dig” design.  The boards were contracted for 28 days, but many stayed posted well beyond the contract date.  To date, total impressions for this campaign exceed 6.8 million.

811 Day billboard designs were distributed to billboard vendors and were displayed as PSAs throughout the state.  The digital billboards ran from 7/25-8/11.

Trade Advertising

Print advertising in 2016 focused on contractors and municipalities, and also reaches farmers and forestry workers, among others. Print ads appear throughout the year in Engineering News Record’s LA-TX Gulf Coast Edition, the quarterly LA Forestry Association magazine Forests and People, LA Municipal Review, LA Parish Government and Louisiana Logger. Additional ads appear in the LA Associated General Contractors Annual Directory, the LA Electrical Cooperative Annual Directory and the LA Rural Water Association Annual Directory, as well as the Louisiana Farm Bureau Annual Magazine. The total circulation of these publications exceeds 219,000 copies.

In addition, paid ads have been placed in rotation on web sites serving our target audience.  A number of radio and TV station web sites also display these ads as a value-added bonus for our advertising buy. Banners, logo links and similar graphics are supplied on request to LA One Call members for use on their web sites, too.

And of course, we routinely honor requests from surveyors and engineering firms who use our text/logo graphics to promote digging safely and the 811 number on their plats and survey drawings.

Promotional materials remain in circulation, including bumper stickers that appear on utility vehicles statewide and dig-safely checklists distributed through our counter stands in rental yards, nurseries and other businesses throughout the state. Excavators and others carry our key chains, flashlights and mini-tool sets, and many more enjoy their coffee in LA One Call coffee mugs. You'll often see those same coffee mugs in use at popular restaurants throughout the state. We continue to update our inventory and expand our distribution of these items annually.